Ferrari Services


The customer first

Ferrari not only produces fans but also follows its products outside its own factory.

Ferrari offers its customers the possibility of assisting them during the start-up phases of the plants, as well as performing periodic maintenance to check the condition of the machines, with intervention plans agreed with the customer, providing for the replacement of the worn components with the certainty of using spare parts original.

Ferrari's strength is to have its own highly specialized and experienced personnel and partners in the world of ventilation.

Ferrari has the capacity to intervene, almost everywhere, through a service network guaranteed by the various Soler & Palau Ventilation Group branches located in 5 continents and by highly professional maintenance companies, which have been designated as Official Ferrari Assistance.

You can ask us to carry out the following activities:

- Plant start-up assistance (Commissioning).

- Check the vibration level of the ventilation system.

- Maintenance and repair of fans, replacement of parts and restarting.

- Maintenance plans with scheduled interventions for ventilating systems.

- Original spare parts.

- Consultancy and training of maintenance personnel.