Filtrating and Dedusting


Filtrating and Dedusting

Thanks to their versatility, Ferrari fans are particularly suitable for working in the filtrating and dedusting sector.

They have a sturdy structure but at the same time compact and modular, enough to make them an excellent solution that tailors to the different types of plants without unnecessarily adding weight to their supporting structure. In this way, it is possible to keep low the intrinsic vibration level of the static and rotating components of the fan, and, consequently, the level of vibration transmitted to the structures. In addition to the standard configurations, specific solutions have been developed to allow vertical axis mounting up to sizes and powers the traditional arrangements would not allow.

The multiple profiles available for the impellers makes Ferrari fans suitable to work in any area of the plant. Impellers with forward blades are generally used upstream of the filters in areas with large amounts of dust in the air, while those with backward blades are suitable for working downstream of the filters with clean or slightly dusty air, while keeping high levels of efficiency. Mixed solutions are also very common, i.e. fans with backward blades impeller of high efficiency to work with dusty air. Fans with open impellers, either with positive or open radial blades are used in systems that require the transport suspended material of different types.

There is a very wide range of certificated products to work in areas with explosion risk, in compliance with the European directive ATEX 2014/34/EU. The available solutions include the certifications of fans and electrical devices connected to them under different categories that establish the way the products have to be constructed and designed, based on different parameters such as the intensity and duration of the explosion risk or its possible origin (risks originated by dust or gas).

In filtrating and dedusting plants, important and strong limitations on the sound emissions deriving from their operation are frequently imposed. In this field, Ferrari fans contribute to keep emissions below the levels indicated by the most restrictive regulations. In order to achieve this objective, product design is carried out by considering the aspects that contribute to reduce the typical noisiness of rotating machines, operating on the sound power generated by them. To complete this design philosophy, Ferrari suggests a series of additional measures designed to reduce and contain the sound pressure transmitted in the ducts and in the environment surrounding the system such as silencers, soundproofing, sound-proof booth etc.