Ferrari has always been one of most important European suppliers for different applications in the ceramic and brick production sector.

In particular, in the production process of structural ceramic (bricks, shingle, tiles…) fans play a key role both in the drying and in firing processes of materials and in combustion systems. Ferrari products have some characteristics that make them suitable to be used in kilns, dryers and in combustion systems.

Both centrifugal and axial fans are frequently used in kilns and dryers.

Belt drive and single inlet fans are the most used centrifugal fans, suitable for moving large volumes of air. They permit to reach high flow rates, up to 200.000 m3/h keeping the necessary head levels of prevalence in these plants, around 800-1200 Pa. When it is imposed by space limitations, double inlet centrifugal fans with extractor hoods are used to optimise the available space. Both configurations can process airflows with temperatures up to 450°C. For materials generated by particularly aggressive clays, fans can be supplied, totally or partially, with corrosion resistant materials.

Axial fans are used to move large quantities of air where the required heads are more contained. It deals with compact solutions that occupy little space and they can be used both vertically and horizontally, optimising in this way the available space. Belt-driven fans are the most used because they keep the electric motor separate from the air flow, as they are suitable for working with air temperatures up to 80°C. When the temperature of fluid goes beyond the threshold, the choice shifts to products that have to repair critical components such as belts and bearings from temperature. Solutions with bifurcated fans or fans with forced refrigeration systems permit to reach operating temperatures up to 180°C in continuous operation.