Asphalt, cement and lime kilns

Our wide range of products covers the needs of the manufacturers of mobile or stationary continuous and batch asphalt plants. Our fans are used in all the process for the manufacturing from the burners, drying system and pollution control. Made-to-measure solutions for burners are designed in cooperation with the customer in order to meet the requirements in terms of dimensions and shape of the casing. Flanged motors are normally used for this application and structural reinforced solutions need to be supplied to have reliable and long lifespan plants. The drying system is a key process and, according to the raw materials compound, customized anti-wear solutions have to be supplied. The pollution control system is the main application where our fans are used by the most important suppliers of asphalt plants. High temperatures combined with acids could be involved in the process, thus, sometimes, special materials like cor-ten steel or stainless steel are required to withstand unexpected condensation of the compound. Dedicated painting cycles can be supplied in order to improve the surface protection grade and to prevent corrosion phenomena.

Our fans are also suitable for cement production plants and lime kilns. Combustion air, heating process, oven recirculation, gas exhaust, filtration are the main applications where our products are required. For lime production kilns, in addition to the applications above, some dedicated treatments like hydration are needed. Special extraction of hot gases up to 450°C are also required.